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About The Book


Everything We Have Unlearned is a tale of resilience which addresses the epidemic of childhood trauma and the environments that foster the cycle of abuse. Part narrative and part-self-help guide, this story integrates the raw truth of Sierra's biographical experience with the fantasy world of the warrior's journey that empowered her to recover. Her character inspires and harmonizes with our own humanity as a reflection of our deepest selves. If you have ever experienced trauma, wished your family loved you more, or if you simply enjoy fantasy adventure stories where the little gal wins, this book is for you.

About The Author


Sierra Frost is an expert in trauma, mental health, and recovery. She works with individuals, groups, and organizations to integrate the body and mind with emotional intelligence and build healthy cultures through community connection. As a coach, instructor, and speaker, Sierra has certified over 300 people in Mental Health First Aid, piloted yoga programs in behavioral health organizations, and coached dozens of individuals to recover from past trauma or hardship, as well as prevent future stress. This is her first memoir.

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